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Last time I heard (about a year ago), Alex Garland said "save your money" regarding buying copies of Dredd on DVD to hope that it's more likely for a sequel. But apparently it's not dead in the water??…

What do y'all think?



Dredd-themed comp run by The-Psi-Files

Want a challenge and also be in the running for 8000 points? ThePsiFiles is running a comp based on their own fanfic universe. Now, I know what some of you may be thinking about OCs, but I've read some of these stories, and they're actually pretty good - well-thought-out characters, existing characters behaving pretty much in character, detailed settings, interesting storylines, etc. So there's a good chance you'd enjoy reading them.

Comp details are here:…

Closing date on the journal is July 31st 2016.

There isn't any official artwork as far as I can tell, so you can base your art purely on the description. e.g. if one of the OCs is described as having a strong jaw, you could draw them either as an Arnold-Schwarzenegger-type, or could do something spoofy like Popeye although probably not if you want to win it. Anyway, there's plenty of ways you can make it interesting for yourself, and I think it's worth a look. :D



Previous update: Dredd - The Musical

News: IF Dredd sequel gets made, Anderson shows her tits!

(now that I have your attention)

:star:… :star:

was laughing my ass off! ;)


Judge Dredd The Musical Poster by Jarvisrama99

Facebook page - please like and share the statuses…

Birmingham November -…

What could be more fun than purchasing legitimate comics from the official stores? :iconlarryplz: (and enjoying the endorphin rush for supporting the artists! Seriously, if you can afford it, go do it. :XD: )
:bulletred: Official 2000AD shop to buy comics (cheaper digital format available!)
:bulletred: Official IDW shop to buy comics (digital format!)
:new: :bulletred: Judge Dredd Audio Books by Big Finish

Also, we're on TUMBLR now, as well as TWITTER and FACEBOOK! :D

OK, and here's some more interesting curios that people have posted -

:bulletred: Some music inspired by Mega City One, independently produced. :)…
:bulletblack: I Am The Law by Anthrax…
:bulletred: Darkness Descends by Dark Angel…

:bulletblack: Judge Pal on Twitter! Have fun dobbing in your parents! :lol: (thanks, JonathanBluestone!)
:bulletred: Judge Minty fan film… (thanks, DarkLordJadow!)
:bulletblack: Judge Dredd audio books, streaming! I've checked these out and they're hilarious! Requires RealPlayer, but it's actually worth it.… (thanks ManyRegretsz! ) If it doesn't work, the Dredd or Alive one is on Youtube…  Buy them here…
:bulletred: This page has every 2000AD cover in reasonably high resolution, including the banned Jolly Green Giant cover from The Cursed Earth segment.… (thanks, JonathanBluestone!)
:new: :bulletred: RP Chatroom run by DoctorVK…
:bulletblack: And, finally - Mega City Two - fan-made comics with 2000AD's blessing! Not for profit, and the digital copies are free. (thanks, PIT-FACE! You and the team are awesome!)

Check out other related clubs on deviantART - :icon2000ad-earthlings: :iconbrit-citjudgesplus: :iconjudge-dredd-group: :icondeaths-deadworld: :iconidwpublishing: :iconkarl-urban-fanclub:

On a side-note, if anyone wants points and doesn't want to pay dA for them, go to dAhub. Maybe we could have a competition soon with points prizes if people are interested. :)
UPDATE: We have four lovely members who have volunteered, but it would be good if we could get to 10 to have timezones covered. If you can spare a few moments and would like to vote on submissions on a regular basis, please comment below. Even if you haven't used the groups system before, don't be afraid, we'll train you - good experience. :)


Well, unfortunately a few people have dumped most of their unrelated gallery into the club, so we're turning off auto-accept. Offending art has been removed from the club. Thank you members for your patience in this regard. Thank you to those members who have given feedback regarding this issue.

I wanted to give auto-accept a try since it would be like a trickle effect in one's inbox, rather than Dredd art being dumped at one time in your inbox and then quickly pushed back as other art gets submitted (if you have 'stacks' on in your message centre). This also means that the most recently-accepted piece of art gets more exposure as it's at the top of the 'stack'. But if we have enough mods around the world, then we can still have that trickle effect.

FYI, previous perps had been blocked/isocubed from the club. I'd sent a note saying they can be unblocked if they reply that they understand the rules. I think only about 3 or 4 people did this in total, but considering the volume of what they'd submitted, yeah... something needed to be done. Was annoying me, too.

I'd like about 10 people helping out, if possible! Hopefully we can get all timezones covered. Please comment below and give some indication as to what you understand the role to be and if you've used dA's groups system before. :)

:bulletred: Contributors click a 'yes' or 'no' button for submissions to the club. Takes about 10 seconds each day. That's it! A small but useful service.

Helpful info
-If they submit to the wrong folder yet it's still Dredd-related art, still accept and I can move it later.
-If it's an unrelated 2000AD piece of art, then we reject and send them to :icon2000ad-earthlings:
-I'd like to keep access limited to myself regarding the 'featured' folder, for now.  
-Out of the art waiting to be approved, accept your favourite piece LAST as then it will be on top of the stack.

Thanks to anyone who can help! :iconsaluteplz:
I've randomly seen a couple of Judge Dredd games on Youtube, but this one actually seems rather good.

:bulletred: (1995) Judge Dredd on SNES…

Some look so bad they're good -

:bulletred:Dredd Arcade game (unreleased)…

:bulletred:(1988) Judge Dredd Commodore 64…
(he's fighting cats? And my ears are bleeding!)

:bulletred: Judge Dredd on Gameboy…

:bulletred: Judge Dredd on Amiga…

:bulletred: Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death…
(good lines!)
And can buy it on Steam:…

:bulletred: (1997) Judge Dredd Arcade by Acclaim…

:bulletred: (2009) LittleBigPlanet…

:bulletred: (2012) Dredd Vs Zombies…
(the exploding barrels look fun)

:bulletred: Judge Dredd pinball…
Introduce yourself here!

:bulletred: What got you into the Dredd Universe?
:bulletred: Any favourite stories/movies?
:bulletred: Favourite characters?

If anyone would like a synopsis of the comic so far, please see this article :pointr:…
And this synopsis by the wealth of Judge Dredd knowledge, jonbluestone :pointr:…

If anyone is looking for a place to purchase the comics, it's on the official site. Most are available in digital format (cheaper, too!). The 'Complete Case Files' are reprints of the older comics.

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